XFX offers various high quality display adapters for most of your display conversion needs. Mini Display Port kit includes a variety of adapters to convert the mini DP output from GC to the required input for your display.

Key Features

  • Includes 3 adapter types
  • Active MiniDP to SL-DVI
  • MiniDP to HDMI
  • MiniDP to DisplayPort

  • (1) Active MiniDP Male to Single-Link DVI Female Adapter*
  • (1) MiniDP Male to HDMI Female Adapter*
  • (1) MiniDP Male to DisplayPort Female Adapter*

* These are not active adapters. Only using MiniDP to DisplayPort will allow for more than 2 monitors at a time. In order to adapt from MiniDP to DVI and achieve more than 2 monitors, an “Active” mini Displayport Adapter is required.


Package Dimensions (cm) : 23.0 x 13.3 x 2.8

Package Dimensions (inch) : 9.06 x 5.24 x 1.10

Package Weight (Kg) : 0.20 est.

Package Weight (lb) : 0.44 est.


Active Mini DisplayPort to Single-Link DVI Dongle : 1

Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Dongle : 1

Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Dongle : 1