• Introducing the all new RX 480 Graphics Card

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  • Go Inside the XFX Gaming Labs
    As we put our hands on the RX 480 for the first time.
    Explore the revolutionary FinFet 14nm Technology!

  • Conquer and rule!
    Arm yourself for WAR and unleash the montsers.
    AMD Radeon™ graphics are designed for optimal DirectX® 12 performance.
    Free Total War™: Warhammer®

    with purchase of an eligible RadeonTM R9 390 Series Graphics card!

  • Introducing the AMD Radeon™ Pro Duo Graphics Card.
    For Gamers who create & Creators who Game

    The Fastest Gaming Graphics Card in the World.

  • Click any series badge below to view XFX Radeon VR Ready Premium Models.

    Are you ready for VR?
    Take the Steam VR Performance test now and find out.
    Get Radeon VR Ready premium graphics in your system.
    Radeon 290, 390, and Fury series cards give optimal VR peformance.

    With AMD LiquidVR technologies you can have an immersive VR experience.

  • The new 380x has the power you need.
  • Stay on the path to glory with XFX's
    AMD Radeon R9 300 Series graphics.
    Strike First.
    And Last.
    The game continues with AMD Radeon™ R9 300 Series graphics. Featuring all new and Exclusive cooling technologies and design.
  • Introducing XFX's
    Radeon Fury Nano Graphics Card.
    Small Size.
    The R9 Nano is AMD's most innovative and advanced GPU; the world's first small form factor card with High Bandwidth Memory.
  • Gaming Is In The DNA Of Our PSUs
    From Full Modular to Full Wired
    Empower your gaming potential with performance PSUs.

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